the Kopffüßler


In the early 90s I began working on the "Kopffüßler" sculptures
- literally this means "headfooter".
I made a series of about 16 of these rather strange creatures.
Only ten years later did I pick up the theme again
and plastered the "blue Kopffüßler" which is visibly different from the others.

The headfooter originates from an archaic idea of man.
The interpretation of man as a headfooter is also found
in the culture of primitive people and in children's drawings
and has been depicted
by artists again and again.
Man is here reduced to his two legs and the head.
But most of my headfooters have nothing in common with the human image.
They appear to me rather as a species in itself, like from a different world.
It's mostly just the eyes which make them look human.

The Kopffüßler shown here are all between 65 and 95 cm tall.

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the little


»»» «««

the yellow


»»» «««

with thorns


»»» «««

with tongue


  »»» «««

the double


»»» «««

the red


»»» «««

the blue


»»» «««

and there is also one with four legs


if you want to see him from the back please click here

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